South African’s love kids

Our first couple of days in Cape Town we took to strolling in the streets looking for places to eat. We stumbled upon a place that took us by surprise and delighted us and our son. It was something we had never experienced before in the United States. As we sat at our table we noticed a cement bar decorate with a very child like mosaic design. My son immediately yelled, “mommy look…puzzles.” Our hostess quickly made us feel comfortable and gave us the heads up that a “child  minder” would soon be assigned to our son. What? We were both stunned but quickly trusted this new adventure. We could see our son the entire time, as the child minder sat with him, made pizza dough and then gave him a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen and finally they cooked his pizza dough cookies. In this entire time, we were able to sip our coffee’s in peace. It was quite

Bug & his child minder

lovely and they returned our son to the table when breakfast was served.
The restaurant has an abundant of menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner options.


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