Burst of spanish throughout the day work

I want my son to be bilingual but I’m at fault for not doing enough to make it happen. I’ve joined a bilingual group here in my area and the moms are great, but they don’t speak a lot of Spanish when they meet. I could speak to him at home and I often do, but not enough. So why is that? I’ve been reading about more and more mamas in my shoes. It’s not that I’m lazy, but sometimes I forget. Recently I started taking stock on what is it that helps me to remember to speak Spanish to him and realized that I need triggers.

Throughout my day I tend to use meal time, play time and in the car for opportunities to infuse the language. So instead of trying to find a method I created y own.

So start I’ll even signal to my son…”es hora de hablar en español.” Sometimes he agrees.  For example: When I’m cooking. I tend to pick out the ingredients and have him help with the measuring and mixing. We do this in Spanish. I really use the time as a lesson vs. just daily life. When we color I encourage naming the colors in Spanish, at bedtime, nap time so on and so forth.

So my tactic is to infuse Spanish throughout the day in little bursts. Since he’s only 4-years-old I think it works. I’m no expert but with a little bit everyday my son and I will become more comfortable with sharing the language.


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