Interview with Raising Playful Tots

This week I was delighted to be a part of a weekly podcast produced by Raising Playful Tots co-founder, Melitsa Avila. Every week she shares insights from experts around the world on the importance of learning through play.

I’ve known Melitsa for a couple of years now and thanks to the wonderful Internet we have stayed in contact. I  met Melitsa while I was the  Community Manger for Denver, a social media site for mothers.  I have always admired her work on  as a mum, writer and blogger extraordinaire.

While the shows are normally produced with experts on a traditional and journalistic approach, Melitsa said, she wanted to try something  different by letting the stories speak for themselves.  “This story has been playing on my mind for quite sometime,” she said. “I wanted to produce a show where real mums came on to talk about what they did or remembered and what they are or plan to do with their little ones.”

Easter traditions

In the first few minutes of the interview you’ll hear Melitsa recount a sweet story that she remembers about craft time with her own mother. It will enlighten you and remind you of the wonderful memories we can create for our children through play.

Take a look at this weeks show on Raising Playful Tots: Easter Play Perspectives and remember that we all learn through play.


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