Curious George celebrates Hispanic Culture

Curious George

El Dia De La Madre

My son was thrilled to open our box packed with Curious George goodies.  And as a bilingual and bi-cultural mommy I was even more thrilled to see PBS Kids embracing Español. Gracias a Latina Bloggers Connect for esta opportunidad.

Now in it’s 5th season, PBS will air a brand new Curious George on Friday May 6, 2011 to celebrate and honor Hispanic heritage and Latina moms. “Mother’s Day Surprise” will feature Marco as he plans a surprise party for his mami, complete with arts, crafts and food.

“This Mother’s Day, we’ll continue Season 5’s exploration of the social sciences by showing kids how Marco and his family celebrate El Dia de la Madre,” said WGBH Executive Producer Dorothea Gillim.

The new episodes were a hit  and have been on constant rotation in our home.  First we invited  a few of the neighborhood kids over for a mini Jorge el Curioso viewing party. The crowd was a mix of three, four and five year-0lds and as usual watching Curious George was full of giggles and monkey sounds. All of the kids were excited about the party and wanted to plan one for their mommy’s.

Who can’t love Jorge as he’s dubbed en español? In the episode Marco and Jorge el Curioso plan the perfect Mother’s Day party with all the trimmings of a Latino fiesta. They are also confronted with Mami’s early arrival and they must work together to make the plan work.

While on a road trip a few days later, my son watched the episode again (several times). I was beaming with pride and orgullo when he asked, “Mami?” “Can I throw you a fiesta and can we make a piñata?”  He then asked me if I knew how to make a piñata and went on to list everything we needed to get started.

What this said to me was the importance of having shows produced to promote cultures in positive lights. Weather it be the Latino culture, Asian, Native America or African American cultures, children pick up on it. Adding cultural traditions such as making a piñata work. My son picked up on all of it and although we speak Spanish in our home and we have had several piñatas at parties, it’s more important to see the culture within mass media.

We are in the process of making our own piñata and while our fiesta won’t be a surprise I was very pleased with the new episode of Jorge el Curioso. Well done Dorothea Gillim.

To view glimpses of the episode check out this video on YouTube and don’t forget to check your local listings for PBS viewing times.


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  1. Ana Lilian Flores
    May 05, 2011 @ 13:02:24

    Thanks for sharing this info!! This monkey has been a part of all our lives. Incredible! Can´t wait to see your piñata!


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