Make us the Deep Fried Ambassadors: My Fair Ladies -The Wrangler Edition

My Fair Ladies

If one one deep fried ambassador is good imagine how tasty 3 would be! Giving you three unique perspectives on the 2011 NC State Fair, we three fabulous ladies will cover the full gamut of food, rides, entertainment, competitions, exhibits and fun “only at the Fair” odd bits. Telling the story through photos, videos and, of course, wildly entertaining words, this gaggle of gals is sure to make everyone want to come out to the Fair.

  • The Kamikaze – aka Rebecca Aslaksen – Nothing stops this Fair enthusiast. No food will be left uneaten, no ride unridden. Put a plate before her and she will devour it. Beat: Food & Rides
  • Fairly Odd – aka Dawn Crawford – Fun just got a little funky at the State Fair. Get a backstage look at the music, the best of our state’s produce and livestock and side-shows. Exploring the entertaining, wacky and downright odd parts of the Fair. Beat: Competitions & Entertainment
  • The Wrangler – aka ME! Valentina Garcia Gerdes from Worldview Mother – Armed with sunscreen, family meet-up points and a purse of non-sugary snacks, this mom knows how to make the Fair fun for all ages. Beat: Family Activities & Exhibits

And here is my story of why I want to be a Deep Fried Ambassador:
I’m always looking for awesome adventures with my family. The State Fair holds a treasure of fun, out of the ordinary activities. My goal as The Wrangler blogger for the 2011 NC State Fair blog will be to inspire families to kick-up their heels and venture off the beaten path.

If I didn’t step out of my ordinary suburban life every now and then I would seriously loose my mind. I’m a sucker for all things Americana and I get a nostalgic feeling when I get around the smell of a state fair.

I don’t really know what draws me to seek unique cultural experiences like the state fair. Perhaps it a combination of my Latin roots and coming to the United States at such a young age, but I am drawn to these learning and growing opportunities, especially when it comes to my local community.  As a journalist by nature and trade, I am compelled to help others find out about what is current and happening in their local environment. That’s why I want to be The Wrangler mom and a Deep Fried Ambassador.  And I want to encourage families to venture off their beaten path, to step out of your box and get out of their daily life activities and into something fun and exciting.

I live in Johnston County, in Clayton to be exact, and relocated here from Denver, Colorado just last year. I’m a Latina with Midwest upbringing and a mountain heart.  And I credit my background with my zest for learning through others.
I’ve only lived in North Carolina for a year but already feel like a local. Armed with my new and shiny GPS, my vivacious 5-year-old and my iPhone we ventured out pretty quickly.  Within my first month in the Triangle we had experienced to the Museum of Life and Sciences in Durham, Marbles Children’s Museum and the NC State Farmers Market. Not to mention the beaches!!

People tell me I’m so brave to venture out so quickly but really I’m just curious and want to experience all that North Carolina has to offer. I’m a mom on the go and proud of it.  Plus, as I mentioned before, I would loose my mind if I didn’t learn something new and exciting on a frequent basis.

When you roll up my life experience you’ll find a journalist, a mother, and a socially driven communicator. I can’t wait to be the Deep Fried Ambassodor!! And it’s okay to eat cotton candy for dinner every once in a while. It’s going to be okay.


Get your Marbles on!

Hockey at Marbles

Don’t let being new to a city slow you down let alone intimidate you. I know it’s scary driving around with tots in tow but get a GPS, hop online and search for fun things to do. When I’m new to a town I love to jump in news Websites and Chamber of Commerce sites. You can easily find out what’s going on around town and what family friendly things are going on. Bug Playing hockey at Marbles.

First on my Raleigh agenda is the Marbles Kids Museum.  Before we left Denver a group of my mommy friends from the Website gave us a membership to Marbles. I honestly didn’t have an expectations so bug and I drove there one day to check it out.

All I can say is WOW! This is one heck of a museum. It’s of 3 levels filled with imaginary play, creative play, exploration and movement. I think I fell in love at first site. The entrance is marvelous and it has ample space and you never really feel crowded.

We love every part about it but my son is a sport enthusiast so we spent about 2 hours at mock ice rink that is sponsored by the local hokey team the Hurricanes. There’s also a mini soccer area, dancing, rock climbing, surfing, biking and a mini yoga mats and a mini music station for kids to get their groove on. I also love the attention to the world and other cultures. You know that gives Marbles a thumbs up from me.

If you’re in doubt about Marbles you shouldn’t be. The museum is so much fun and it’s well worth getting a membership. Get out and have some fun!

Curious George honors Hispanic Heritage Month

Curious George

Curious George celebrates Hispanic Heritage month

The all new season of Curious George is off to an arts inspired start and along for the ride is once again Marco his Latino friend. The two amigos are set to commemorate Hispanic Heritage with a show scheduled to re-air the week of September 19th.

Starting with fresh new episodes on September 5th the new season is all about the arts and creative play with hints of math and engineering skills.

In the “Sock Monkey Opera,” Betsy becomes ill with the chicken pox and can’t go to see the show. But have no fear that George puts on an adorable show that will send your kids into a giggle.

My son and I love the new season as George captivates and inspires us through sculpting and photography in Shutter Monkey and George and the Giant Thumb. Take the great moments to capture and inspire creativity in your kids by coming up with your own plays. Andale, dress up and have some fun!

Just like season 5, season 6 of Curious George engages kids to get up and get going. I’m especially pleased with the real life vignettes after every show that promotes creativity.  Like I previously said, it’s taking George and Marcos’s creative moments to inspire moments in your real life.

Not only are the arts and sciences for cognitive development, it will pay off in the long run as noted by WGHB Executive Producer Dorothea Gillim.  “With this new season, kids will be inspired to dance, sculpt, and paint along with George, and they’ll also come away with knowledge of important STEM concepts.”

Enjoy the show and be sure to check out for special features, contests and goods from Curious George.

My mommy dreams coming to an end

As I prepare for bug to start Kindergarten I feel like I need to give up on the expectations that I had that he would go to a dual language school. When we left Denver for the suburbs of Raleigh, I knew that life would be different, but just how different? That was something that I had to learn of the course of last year.

I always wanted my son to go to a neighborhood school, one that he could attend with neighborhood friends just as my husband and I did. I wanted the school to be free of fuss and really include the basics but I wanted that school to be dual language.

I got most of my wishes but I didn’t get the dual language. This is something that I will have to deal with but it’s been a hard one to swallow. I’ve had to let go of my dream.

What I have done instead is to round-up resources, such as Mommy Maestra, a resource for home schooled Spanish speakers I’ve also increased the amount of Español en la casa y en el carro.

With my dreams coming to an end I’m learning to pick up new ones along my suburban way. Stay tuned!


How to make a piñata

How to make a piñata.

How to make a piñata

If  you’re looking for ways to add diversity and culture into your children’s lives why not give a homemade piñata a try?

The finished project

Treasure chest piñata

I made this piñata for my son’s 5th birthday party.  Follow these easy steps for a fool proof piñata and you’ll be sure to please the kids at the next birthday party.

Since our theme was pirate I made a treasure chest.

What you’ll need:

  • A Box
  • 1 cup of flour
  • newspaper
  • water
  • tissue paper
  • twine
  • metal hanger
  • 2 or 3 cereal boxes
  • Stapler

Cut 2 inch strips from the cereal box cardboard, cut the top of the box off and make a weave with the cereal box strips. Then staple each end on the strips to the box and make an arch.

Then take one or two cups of flour and mix some water until you get a glue like consistency. Cut newspaper strips and dip them into the flour mixture and be sure to remove excess mixture. Place on your piñata shape until the entire subject is covered. Wait a day and it will be rock hard and then it’s ready to decorate.

Before you decorate determine the spot for the candy opening and poke a hole large enough to put a metal hanger so you can hang it.Fringe the tissue paper and use a glue and water mixture and stick it to the piñata.

Good luck and have fun! It’s so easy and cheap to do.

The treasure chest piñata

Dressing up the piñata

Silly Friday fun – Viernes Graciosos

It was a long week and today my little man and I started off our Friday together being silly.  I found a couple of great new Websites today that helped me get into a happy mommy mood. I’m totally loving Learning is Fun from Pre-K pages for some fabulous hands on learning and a new find today is from Australia.  The blog Childhood 101 is chalked full of creative ideas for inspiring your yourself and your children.

After some creative play with my little man this morning I decided that Friday’s on my blog would be dedicated to posting a photo about our silly morning fun. Today’s idea for my Silly Fridays – Viernes Graciosos came from my own little man while he was playing games on  We made silly animal bands with our own creative twist. Click on Silly Animal Bands for a quick video from Sprout

Animal Bands

Viernes Graciosos


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