My mommy dreams coming to an end

As I prepare for bug to start Kindergarten I feel like I need to give up on the expectations that I had that he would go to a dual language school. When we left Denver for the suburbs of Raleigh, I knew that life would be different, but just how different? That was something that I had to learn of the course of last year.

I always wanted my son to go to a neighborhood school, one that he could attend with neighborhood friends just as my husband and I did. I wanted the school to be free of fuss and really include the basics but I wanted that school to be dual language.

I got most of my wishes but I didn’t get the dual language. This is something that I will have to deal with but it’s been a hard one to swallow. I’ve had to let go of my dream.

What I have done instead is to round-up resources, such as Mommy Maestra, a resource for home schooled Spanish speakers I’ve also increased the amount of EspaƱol en la casa y en el carro.

With my dreams coming to an end I’m learning to pick up new ones along my suburban way. Stay tuned!