How to make strawberry jam

On Saturday my friend Liz and I set out to accomplish something most North Carolina women do in the Spring. I call it the country/suburban woman right of passage. Making homemade strawberry jam. Since strawberry picking  season is in full swing in North Carolina April-May are the perfect months to get your jam on.

I don’t have a clue how to jam so I search online for a few recipes and really liked The Pioneer Woman’s recipe and canning 101 post from a few years ago. It was easy to follow and had plenty of illustrations to know if we were on the right track.

After a few dozen giggles and “are you sure it’s that much sugar,” questions we were on a roll. It was a fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon with a good friend. Below are some of my illustrations and mistakes/learned experience moments.



We used 6 quarts of strawberry’s and it made about 16 8 oz jars of Jelly.


You’ll want to purchase clean jars. You can pick them up at any hardware store or at your local grocery store. Also, making jam’s and jellies requires a ton of sugar. And every blog that I read said to not try and reduce the sugar or you’ll end up with a strawberry syrup.


Our beautiful jams! We were some proud mama’s that day. First of that we accomplished our goal and that it turned out. Note to self: Read instructions over and over again!