Pine cone Christmas tree craft

Pine Cone

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

My first Pinterest crafting project was a pine cone Christmas tree. I obsessed over this craft that I first discovered while browsing for Holiday ideas on Pinterest. I repined and liked instantly. Of course I thought to myself, “I can do this, it will be so easy.”

And so I began my crafty project of the season. Since I live in North Carolina getting pine cones wasn’t a problem. I went for hikes and had a couple of neighbors round some up for me. Pine cones are plentiful and diverse in size and color here in NC.

Since there wasn’t a tutorial on the link I did some research of my own and based on a couple of sites I visited I came up with my own game plan.

 Materials used

Plenty of Pine cones. preferably small ones

2 Styrofoam: Cone shapes or any shape you want

1 package of glue sticks

1 Hot glue gun

1 can of brown or brownish spray paint

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft


1)   First I went through the pine cones and picked out the smallest ones. I thought they would be easiest for gluing together.

2)   I sprayed the cones with the brown spray paint. (this doesn’t work so well)

3)   I simply started from the bottom up.  I glued the pinecones on length wise and completed the circle.

4)   I continued the same pattern being careful to overlap the lines. I thought this would provide more coverage.

5)   Toward the top of the cone I got the idea to break apart a few pine cones and simply layer the little pieces to the foam. This provided a really cool layered look and could be an option for coverage instead of spray paint.

As you can see my artwork doesn’t look quite like the ones in the magazine pictures but there is a learning curve right? I ended up using the decoration for a center piece on my screened in porch. I did get some compliments from my supportive neighborhood gal pals but I did learn a few things along the way.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Lessons learned

– Do break apart the pine cone. I really liked the layered effect created by the little pieces.

-Do give the glue a few seconds to cool before putting the pine cone on. This gave it a stronger bond.

– Next time get smaller pine cones.

– Hot glue cones from the bottoms out.  This will provide ample coverage. (like the picture on my For The Home Board on Pinterest.

-Don’t use

spray paint on foam. It doesn’t work.


How to make a piñata

If  you’re looking for ways to add diversity and culture into your children’s lives why not give a homemade piñata a try?

The finished project

Treasure chest piñata

I made this piñata for my son’s 5th birthday party.  Follow these easy steps for a fool proof piñata and you’ll be sure to please the kids at the next birthday party.

Since our theme was pirate I made a treasure chest.

What you’ll need:

  • A Box
  • 1 cup of flour
  • newspaper
  • water
  • tissue paper
  • twine
  • metal hanger
  • 2 or 3 cereal boxes
  • Stapler

Cut 2 inch strips from the cereal box cardboard, cut the top of the box off and make a weave with the cereal box strips. Then staple each end on the strips to the box and make an arch.

Then take one or two cups of flour and mix some water until you get a glue like consistency. Cut newspaper strips and dip them into the flour mixture and be sure to remove excess mixture. Place on your piñata shape until the entire subject is covered. Wait a day and it will be rock hard and then it’s ready to decorate.

Before you decorate determine the spot for the candy opening and poke a hole large enough to put a metal hanger so you can hang it.Fringe the tissue paper and use a glue and water mixture and stick it to the piñata.

Good luck and have fun! It’s so easy and cheap to do.

The treasure chest piñata

Dressing up the piñata

Silly Friday fun – Viernes Graciosos

It was a long week and today my little man and I started off our Friday together being silly.  I found a couple of great new Websites today that helped me get into a happy mommy mood. I’m totally loving Learning is Fun from Pre-K pages for some fabulous hands on learning and a new find today is from Australia.  The blog Childhood 101 is chalked full of creative ideas for inspiring your yourself and your children.

After some creative play with my little man this morning I decided that Friday’s on my blog would be dedicated to posting a photo about our silly morning fun. Today’s idea for my Silly Fridays – Viernes Graciosos came from my own little man while he was playing games on  We made silly animal bands with our own creative twist. Click on Silly Animal Bands for a quick video from Sprout

Animal Bands

Viernes Graciosos